Responding To Matthew Vines

Matthew Vines’ book God And The Gay Christian has proved popular and a 1-page summary, A Brief Biblical Case, has put his arguments into the hands of many. Unfortunately though, Vines’ arguments are not biblical.

AFFIRM has produced a 1-page response using the same 10 headings that Vines uses. This may be a useful resource if you want to clarify your own thinking or to have to show others where Matthew Vines has become confused.

Of course, there are much more substantial responses to Matthew Vine.

A Brief Biblical Response, the Presbyterian AFFIRM 1-page response.

Changing Our Minds? No.

David Gushee is a self-identified Evangelical who has become persuaded that the church needs to affirm homosexuals and homosexual acts. His book is Changing Our Minds. Gushee has been motivated by real concern regarding instances of gays having been treated poorly by the church.

We would sympathise with that concern. The problem is how he then manages to dismiss the biblical teaching.

There was an attempt at the 2018 General Assembly of the PCANZ to recommend study of this book to all Presbyterian churches. It was defeated but you might know of people who are promoting the book or have been confused by it.

The Gospel Coalition has published an extensive review of the book. If you want to understand issues and see both the strengths and weaknesses in his argument it is well worth reading.

We apologise but because this website was hacked and rebuilt, we will be re-posting some items that you might have seen before.

Ministry With The Same-Sex Attracted

Churches increasingly need to know how to faithfully minister to those who are same-sex attracted.

Sam Allberry, Christopher Yuan and Rosaria Butterfield are all either same-sex attracted or have lived a homosexual lifestyle. They are all also committed followers of Jesus and committed to a biblical understanding of sexuality. Their past experiences, or orientation, give them credibility when addressing questions about the church’s relationship with same-sex attracted people.

In this 9 Marks article, they are asked how they would pastor or disciple a SSA person differently from someone else, how SSA people can be integrated into the church, how the legalisatin of samesex marriages has impacted pastoring single people and whether they encourage same-sex attracted people to pursue biblical marriage.

There is wisdom here that every pastor will need.

Boy Erased

Boy Erased is a movie based on Garrard Conley’s book of the same name, telling the true story of a Baptist pastor’s son who “came out” as being homosexual and was subjected to “conversion therapy”.  As you might expect, it is not positive about either his father’s faith or the conversion therapy – and maybe with good reason.

Read this critique of the movie.

Two valuable events coming up

Please do look at the coming events section of the AFFIRM website for more information about:

The Sam Allberry Tour, 7-16 September

Sam is a founder of Living Out and the author of Is God Anti-Gay? He will be in New Zealand to help us think through the issues of same-sex attraction and the church’s stance.

The Pre-Assembly Conference, 2 October

Always inspirational and encouraging, the pre-Assembly conference is worth registering for.

Please do what you can (Facebook, word of mouth etc) to publicise these events.

Sexuality and Spirituality

Juli Slattery

Obviously, there are huge questions facing the church in the area of sexuality.

Juli Slattery talks here about linking sexuality with our spirituality. Jesus used all sorts illustrations for spiritual purposes and sexuality is no different. Some of the difficulties we have addressing these issues stem from not having the broader understanding of sexuality.

Listen to the interview.