Changing Our Minds? No.

David Gushee is a self-identified Evangelical who has become persuaded that the church needs to affirm homosexuals and homosexual acts. His book is Changing Our Minds. Gushee has been motivated by real concern regarding instances of gays having been treated poorly by the church.

We would sympathise with that concern. The problem is how he then manages to dismiss the biblical teaching.

There was an attempt at the 2018 General Assembly of the PCANZ to recommend study of this book to all Presbyterian churches. It was defeated but you might know of people who are promoting the book or have been confused by it.

The Gospel Coalition has published an extensive review of the book. If you want to understand issues and see both the strengths and weaknesses in his argument it is well worth reading.

We apologise but because this website was hacked and rebuilt, we will be re-posting some items that you might have seen before.

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