AFFIRM’s Vision For The PCANZ

Vibrant biblical faith

  • confidence in the Gospel of salvation and new life in Christ
  • faithful obedience to the Bible, as the inspired Word of God
  • alive with the Holy Spirit
  • committed to grace, discipleship, prayer, worship, evangelism and service
  • warm fellowship with Christians in other churches

Healthy, growing, churches

  • strong in faith and discipleship, expressing grace and love
  • nourished by Biblical teaching/preaching
  • knowing the power of the Holy Spirit
  • mobilised for faith-sharing and disciple-making
  • engaging youth, families and all cultures
  • committed to seeking justice and caring for creation

Growing great leaders

  • who love God and love people, of Christ-like character, passionate for the Gospel, committed to the Bible, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and able to teach and lead
  • who encourage the calling and ministries of all Christ-followers in service and mission
  • who encourage the next generation of leaders in vibrant biblical faith and character.

Dynamic mission movement

  • evangelism – calling people to repentance, faith in Jesus and transformed lives
  • new churches reaching new people
  • eager to love and serve, promote justice, and care for creation
  • regional, national and global vision
  • flexible, transparent processes that prioritise and enable mission